Contained natural sustainable fish oil containing the strongest antioxidant known to man, the sustainably grown algae Astaxanthin (Asta).

  • Strengthening the fur’s nutritional needs
  • Restoring hair to beautiful luster
  • Relieving skin irritation and some allergic itching
  • Rich in natural arytenoids to strengthen the immune system
  • Helps maintain bright clear eyes and delay retinal aging.
  • Suitable for all ages of pets, as for senior pets for anti-cancer due to antioxidant., slow retinal degeneration, slow down aging purpose.

Omega Oil 200ml

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  • Benefits:
    ✔️Easy to use with pump
    ✔️Controlled dosages
    ✔️Very highly palatable
    ✔️Healthy glossy coat
    ✔️Joint Support
    ✔️Cardiac Care
    ✔️Cognitive function
    ✔️Slow retinal degeneration
    ✔️Removes free radicals which create aging
    ✔️Removes toxins from the body
    ✔️Supports immune system

    How to Use:
    1pump =2ml
    1-25 kg 1-2pumps 25 + kgs 3-4 pumps
    This product can be increased with no side effects but may increase speed of results.