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About Us

Paws and Pals Malaysia are sole distributor for international brands in Malaysia. We established in 2017 when we tried to source a good supplement for our senior dog Faye. That is where we meet our first brands and following with all the good quality brands we had brought to Malaysia so far. 

Our pet is our family, and with short and precious life span, we wish to provide all the quality life styles for them to ensure they get what they need different ages of life. Pets have different needs from puppies to seniors so as pet owners we always wish they stay and grow with us happily before we saying good bye to them.  

We also wish to share our knowledge and experience with all the pet owners in Malaysia and we believe with our pet's life depends on us, thus it is important for pet owners to have the wisdoms and knowledges on what pets needs in order to ensure they have short but quality life styles

Cocker Spaniel


Our goal is to source good and quality products and international brands and bring it into Malaysia for the beneficial of pet owners and pawrents locally.

We also wish that our products can bring good impacts for the pets especially on health, well being, cognitive and etc.  


We believe with good products with real ingredients  will help our pets to grow health and happy. We also foresee apart from all the pet foods we have in the market, pet supplements and well being products are essential especially for nowadays with all human and pets loaded with different kinds of chemicals and substances. We hope all the health care brands and products that we sourced will able to help pet owners in Malaysia. Their healthy and quality life is very depends on diet, wellbeing and lifestyles.

Golden Retriever
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